Halo Infinite’s Grunts Are Funny AF

Halo Infinite’s Grunts Are Funny AF

You may have heard that Halo Infinite is a terrific first-person shooter, a solid return-to-form for an old Xbox series. What you might not know is that Halo Infinite is also really freakin’ funny. And nowhere is that more true than in the one-liners fired of…

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Rebel Wilson on weight loss: I know what it’s like to be invisible

The actress, producer and director opens up about her weight loss, in an exclusive BBC interview.

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Best TV Shows of 2021

From Bo Burnham to β€œWe Are Lady Parts,” the best in television this year offered ingenuity, humor, defiance and hope.

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How to Actually Detach Yourself From Work Over the Holidays

The holiday season is that special time of year for kicking back, spending quality time with family, and…answering emails from your boss and scrolling through Slack notifications. Nope, not this year! If you’re taking a break this holiday seasonβ€”a real brea…

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